PPL 2021 — Clean Code — Keep your code cleaned and readable!

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash
Illustration for low coupling, Source: Geeksforgeeks
High cohesion illustration. Source:https://ducmanhphan.github.io/2019-03-23-Coupling-and-Cohension-in-OOP/
a = 10
initial_land_area = 10
#Class Nameclass ThisIsClass():#function namedef this_is_a_function():#variable namethis_is_variable = 1
def a(int b): #function for printing final land value
print(b + 10) #land value + increment
--------------------------------------------------------------def final_land_value(int initial_land_value)
computed_land_value = initial_land_value + 10




Under-graduated Students Majoring in Computer Science

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Fredy Pasaud

Fredy Pasaud

Under-graduated Students Majoring in Computer Science

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