• kirana.


    compsci freshgrad from university of indonesia. human-computer interaction enthusiast. find me on linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/kirana-alfatianisa/

  • Nadia Victoria

    Nadia Victoria

    Senior computer science student at Universitas Indonesia

  • Alya Isti Safira

    Alya Isti Safira

    i like to shareee

  • Surya Nirvana

    Surya Nirvana

    Penultimate Computer Science student who is struggling to write an article. Currently seeking experience in Tech and Data Department.

  • Rabialco Argana

    Rabialco Argana

    Writer with a Big Dreams

  • Hana F. Ardiansyah

    Hana F. Ardiansyah

    Computer Science Student at University of Indonesia

  • Data Science.

    Data Science.

    Everything that you need to know About data and beyond.

  • Nethania Sonya

    Nethania Sonya

    CS Student

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