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“Make it simple, but significant.” –Don Draper

When designing a digital product, such as website design, interface design, and etcetera. We often struggle with how to design a good design. Fortunately, Jakob Nielsen has already done extensive research, so you don’t have to. Nielsen’s comes up with ten usability heuristic for user interface design to become the ‘rule of thumb’ when designing a new design. A big company such as Apple has diligently adhered to Nielsen’s rule when designing its operating systems (iOS and Mac OS) and its website. And the feedback of the design usually is overwhelmingly positive. If…

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“Each pattern describes a problem which occurs over and over again in our environment, and then describes the core of the solution to that problem, in such a way that you can use this solution a million times over, without ever doing it the same way twice” [Christopher Alexander, A pattern language, 1997.]

Have you ever realise that pattern is embedded in our daily life. For example, your sleep pattern, you slept at 10.00 PM and woke up at 05.00 AM. You feel that pattern work for you because you have to go to work at 07.00 AM, and you…

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Deploying you program to the server is hard, but with docker, it’s easier

Have you ever wondered how your code run in the server? I remember it clearly the first time when I initialise my first project. I have to install the python first, and then pip, and then all the dependencies, and then the database, and let’s not forget if you use the NPM library for your front-end, the list goes on and on. You can’t expect the server computer to have the same program and library the same as you. Not only it was time-consuming and resource-consuming.


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Work smarter…not harder — Allen F. (1930)

When we talk about the development process, it’s easy to forget the importance and significance of git CI/CD. When in fact, pipeline has made developer’s task so much easier. Have you ever wondered what would happen if there is no git pipeline? We must test our code on the server, and then every time we want to merge our work, we have to test it again. After that, when we want to deploy it, we have to configure our server and our repository and do the same step, again and again, every increment…

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This article was made for PPL Course Assignment

When working on a project, most of the time, you will most likely be working with another human being. And as far as I know, every person has unique characteristics. You can’t expect two people to have the same principle or behaviour. The research claimed that 75% of team failure happens when you can’t work together with another person. Unless you want to be Tarzan and live with animals, you will be working with other people in this modern society. …

This article is made as a part of the assignment for the PPL 2021 Course.

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“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” ― Martin Fowler

Have you read my other article about the Agile Method using Scrum Framework? Please read my story below because what we will discuss in this article is implementing the Agile Method.

What is a Clean Code?

Suppose you have read my article or at least have an understanding of how Agile works. You should know that one of the agile manifestoes is working software…

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Introduction to Persona

Have you ever design a product or design? When creating a design, we got carried away about what we need and how we visualise rather than how our user sees it. Thus, many designs seem good on paper, but when the user uses the product's design, it lost its usability to the point that it will need a significant revision for the user to utilise it.

Personas are fictional characters that you created based upon your research to represent the different user types that might use your service, sites, or product. (The Interaction Design Foundation, 2020)

Types of Persona

According to Interaction Design…

Software development is not a rational process. It’s a process made by people with feelings with bodies and with thinking. And by putting all those together I can be a more effective software developer. Kent Beck.

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This article was made as a part of Individual Review of PPL 2021

When we are talking about the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), there are so many frameworks that we can choose. One of the famous models or methodology that is used quite a lot is the Agile Model. Agile itself has quite many frameworks in it. …

I don’t always test my code. But when I do, it’s in production

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This article is made as a part of Individual Review of PPL 2021.

Introduction to Test-Driven Development

As software developers, we may (or may not) have heard about this software methodology. Software testing is not a new method. It’s been invented in the ’90s. As the program gets more complex and has so many features, it’s easier for the program to break down in a production state. When that happens, every developer meets with a headache as a bit of change in one function can alter the…

This article was made as a part of Individual Review for PPL 2021

Gitlab, version control of git that is used in this course (Source:

For most software developers, Git is one of the mandatory requirements to use, especially if we’re talking about multiple versions or working with a team. For this article, I will discuss what Git is and how I use it for PPL.

Brief introduction about Git, Git is a Distributed Version Control System(DVCS). The main principle of DVCS is that every file on the repository is saved on each developer's local machine, then they can push their work to the repo, then merge with another developer's work.


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